Meet the team

A dynamic duo

We personally deliver all our work from start to finish. There aren’t any junior members of staff doing the legwork behind the scenes, and we don’t outsource our work or use sales people to speak on our behalf. And because it’s just the two of us, it means we provide consistently high-quality work and cost-effective support.


Who we are

Group 566

Amy Shephard

Amy has always loved understanding more about health and what gets people moving more. She also enjoys running learning events on Zoom. It might not be quite as good as face to face but it allows more people to engage and share their learning than would ever happen face to face.

Claire Moyes

Claire’s passion is understanding what gets people from a range of backgrounds interested in nature and heritage. Claire has also been training the youth work sector in London around monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL). This has made her particularly passionate about finding ways to make MEL engaging, interesting and, at times, entertaining.

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