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We know that sometimes finding the time and money to do evaluation is hard – that’s why we wanted to make our support available to more organisations. Our online offer provides access to all the training you need about monitoring and evaluation. Over the years our work has spanned an extremely wide range of projects and sectors, so we know what works well and how to avoid common pitfalls. We think this knowledge shouldn’t be a guarded secret – we want to share it with you so you can take your work even further.

Pay once, access everything

We’ve kept it simple… for a one-off fee of £100 + VAT you get lifetime access to our online training hub. The hub contains training covering the basics of monitoring and evaluation, some more advanced elements for those interested in learning more, and our insight guides collected from over a decade of working with projects up and down the country.



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Illustration of Claire and Amy running a workshop

1. Introduction to monitoring, evaluation & learning

In this initial module, we’ll take you through the MEL cycle, introducing you to the key concepts and helping you to develop an understanding of why evaluation is important.

S&M Collecting Data with a Clipboard

2. Developing an evaluation plan

This module guides you step-by-step through the process of designing an evaluation plan for a specific project, programme or service.  

S&M Dog Doing Some Data Analysis

3. Collecting quantitative data

This module helps you to understand what quantitative data is, identify what quantitative data you might need to collect, the pros and cons of different quantitative tools, and good practice around data collection; focusing on surveys.

S&M Illustration 03

4. Collecting qualitative data

This module helps you to understand what qualitative data is, what qualitative data you might need to collect, pros and cons of different qualitative tools and good practice around data collection; focusing on conducting interviews or focus groups.

S&M Looking at Charts and Stats

5. Analysing data

This module teaches you to turn data into information; so, how to turn a pile of registers, surveys and interview/focus group notes into useful statistics and insights about your project, programme or service. It includes basic excel analysis and how to code and summarise qualitative data. 

S&M Writing a Report

6. Using the Learning

Finally, we explore how evaluation data can be shared, disseminated and used. It helps you think through how to use what you have learnt to improve what you do, and how to present and report on evaluation findings.