The role of Rounders in Tackling Inactivity

Clare Smith, Editor, Big Co.

About the work

We worked in partnership with Ready Steady Active, Yorkshire Sport Foundation and Rounders England to undertake a research project in West Yorkshire. The research aimed to capture insight that would help demonstrate why Rounders is an effective tool in helping women from diverse communities to engage in sport and also to capture the wider range of benefits being part of a Rounders team can bring.

What we did

We undertook an evaluation framework session with current Rounders participants to help scope out the types of changes we might want to explore through the wider research. We then designed a detailed questionnaire to understand peoples barriers and motivators to being active and then how Rounders had helped these barriers be overcome. This was completed by over 50 Rounders players. We then undertook more detailed one to one interviews with Rounders players from across West Yorkshire who had come together as part of a Rounders league organised by Ready Steady Active.

The difference we made

The report helped provide valuable insight about the role Rounders can play in local communities and also how important local organisations are to helping drive and develop opportunities for people to be active. The report was launched as part of a parliamentary reception in the Houses of Parliament hosted by Kim Leadbetter MP to celebrate 80 years of Rounders England.   

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