Premier League Charitable Fund


About the work

We have worked with the Premier League Charitable Fund and the Premier League Communities Team since 2012. The Premier League invests a large proportion of its income in charitable work mainly delivered through a network of Club Community Organisations (CCOs). We have provided a variety of different roles. This has included supporting the grant monitoring process, developing strategies, supporting programme development and undertaking independent evaluation work.

What we did

Our work with the Premier League Charitable Fund can be broadly grouped into three areas:

Facilitation – running sessions that have helped bring stakeholders together to develop a specific programme or area of work. This has included helping to develop the Premier League Primary Stars programme by running sessions around Maths, PE, SEND and Literacy

Strategy and programme development – providing practical support to help specific programmes develop and to communicate the overall impact of the work the Premier League achieves. This included working closely with the Princes Trust in the pilot year of the PL Inspires programme 

Evaluation – providing specific independent evaluation support for programmes. Most recently this included an evaluation of the Premier League Professional Footballers Association Community Fund

The difference we made

The work with the Premier League Charitable Fund is always focused on helping them understand the difference they make and how they can work most effectively as a fund to achieve this. The work we have done has helped provide practical support to allow them to deliver during key crunch points. But it has also provided a clear and objective view of how programmes and delivery should develop.

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