Move Together

Thank you so much, this is an excellent report! I completely agree with your learning points…. The quotes are extremely powerful and useful for us to use going forward both for our business case for long-term funding and external comms.


About the work

Active Oxfordshire developed the Move Together platform with funding from the Covid-19 response fund. The platform was delivered in the five local authority areas of Oxfordshire and saw staff in the Local Authority employed to provide person centred support to get people moving as part of the Covid-19 recovery.

What we did

We ran an evaluation framework session at the start of the evaluation to understand what Active Oxfordshire wanted to learn from the evaluation. We then helped the team think about and identify the measures they wanted to judge the success of the Move Together Platform on. This included considering what wider stakeholders would accept as measures of success and ensuring the scales collected took account of this. We then held learning sessions for each of the areas to understand how they were implementing the platform in their area.

We completed an interim and final report to help shape the platform as it developed through its pilot year.

The difference we made

The report helped show how the platform was being operationalised differently in each of the local authorities. The report also helped show how taking a person centred approach to understanding the issues and challenges someone faced to being active were important and crafting a specific solution that worked for them. The person centred approach also included multiple follow ups, this allowed someone time to try different things but also held them accountable. Exit from the platform was important and it was important the staff highlighted the support was time limited to ensure people did not become too dependent on high intensity support.

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