Future Generations Commissioner

I highly recommend them…as experts in the theory of change model, as consultants helping with organisational change….. Amy got the spirit of the organisation and our remit very fast. She has managed perfectly the different groups within our team and helped us design a whole theory of change model for our strategy within very tight deadlines. Her work and attitude were appreciated and praised across the whole organisation and she became one of us very fast. We will miss working with her on a daily basis but she leaves us with long lasting change and an amazing set of new skills

Deputy Commissioner

About the work

We worked with the Office of the Future Generations Commissioner to help them develop a Theory of Change for the work of the Office. The Commissioner has a statutory duty to: promote the sustainable development principle; act as the guardian of future generations; encourage long-term thinking and monitoring progress. Every Public Body in Wales has a statutory requirement to produce well-being objectives. The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act also created Public Service Boards, which are the forum for collaboration at the local level. The new Commissioner wanted to use Theory of Change to help the Office develop a strategy for the remainder of his 7 year term.

What we did

We recognised the Office needed to own the Theory of Change and to understand and believe in the content. We held a training session with the Office so they understood the principles of Theory of Change. We then worked alongside the team to bring in the wider insight generated by the Our Future Focus work to run a series of workshops around the prioritised themes. These were then reviewed first by the Senior Leadership Team and then by the staff team. At every stage the staff team were involved and had the opportunity to have their voice heard.

The difference we made

The Theory of Change work provided the Office with a solid foundation on which to build their strategy. We anchored the team in the actions THEY could take to achieve change and how they could measure and demonstrate their success. We worked alongside the team so their skills could be built and so they understood and could work with Theory of Change into the long term.

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