Energise Me

Thank you for all your work on this. I really appreciated your thoughtful questioning and support throughout the process… Look forward to working with you again soon!


About the work

We have worked with Energise Me on two evaluations:

  • Physical Activity Navigator Pilot – helping to capture the learning from having a dedicated navigator (similar to a social prescriber) with a focus on physical activity
  • Place Based working – capturing learning from working in a Place Based way in Millbrook, Southampton

What we did

Both projects started with an evaluation framework to help understand the difference the projects wanted to make. For both projects we worked closely with a broader group of stakeholders beyond Energise Me to understand what difference they hoped the project would make.

Both projects also included regular reflection sessions to help capture the learning from the delivery as it went along. In both projects this created a regular opportunity for partners to come together and to reflect on the progress that was being made.

The difference we made

The reports helped capture the key learning from delivering the pilot projects. For the Physical Activity Navigator it helped to show how having a role focused on physical activity helped more people talk more about moving more. The navigation worked when it was done in a person centred way.

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