Community Led Sustainable Transport Solutions


About the work

SCVS, 4 the Region and the Swansea Environment Forum formed a partnership to utilise funding from the Community Renewal Fund. The project they developed looked to focus attention on Community Led responses to transport challenges. Transport is frequently identified as a key challenge in communities. The lack of accessible transport can exacerbate social isolation and can contribute to a range of health and economic challenges.

This work aimed to pilot a series of locally driven solutions and also to amplify and showcase the work that was already happening across the City to drive sustainable transport.

What we did

Our worked as part of the project team and as an independent facilitator to help drive the project forward. We undertook more structured action learning sessions as part of this. For the evaluation side of the work we developed an evaluation framework involving all partners. We then undertook a case study led approach. We undertook case study visits of all the projects funded and supplemented this with interviews with key stakeholders.

We finished the work by facilitating a vision workshop. This workshop helped identify and develop a route map for community led transport in Swansea and identified areas for potential further projects.

The difference we made

Our work helped capture the wide range of community led transport work already happening in Swansea. It helped to showcase the work already taking place. We also played a key role in helping the project move forward and to achieve all the key project milestones. We also helped bring partners together to co-produce a vision for Community Led Sustainable Transport solutions in Swansea.

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