Club Community Organisations


About the work

Club Community Organisations (CCOs) are large charities associated with professional Football Clubs. They receive funding from a variety of different sources including the Premier League Charitable Fund. We have worked with a variety of different CCOs to help them in a variety of organisational ways.

What we did

  • Everton in the Community – supported Everton in the Community to develop a new 5 year strategy supporting them in the process of involving staff and developing their approach to monitoring and evaluation
  • Huddersfield Town Foundation – helped Huddersfield Town Foundation develop a Theory of Change to support their new strategy to help communicate more broadly the difference they make
  • Stoke City Community Trust – helped develop a new strategy that focused on consolidating their position and maintaining the programmes they have developed as well as developing their first impact report
  • Newcastle United Foundation – produced a report to help them demonstrate the impact of their Peoples, Postcode Lottery Funding
  • Leicester City in the Community – helped with a review of their Premier League Primary Stars project

The difference we made

We are uniquely placed to be able to support CCOs effectively as we understand the requirements of the Premier League Charitable Fund, their major funders, and the unique position they occupy in their communities. We are also able to help them demonstrate the value they bring to their communities.

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