Butterfly Conservation

Thanks for an interesting and very helpful session yesterday, and for an excellent report. I was certainly impressed by your work (and your honest sharing of your company values!).


About the work

Butterfly Conservation have been awarded a number of Heritage Fund grants to deliver projects that aim to improve habitats and encourage a more diverse range of people to be interested in butterflies and moths. These include Kent’s Magnificent Moths, which was set up to address some of the key issues facing some of the rare moths that reside in Kent, and Big City Butterflies which aims to connect people to their local greenspace and give them the opportunity to learn about how they can help butterflies and moths in London.

What we did

Shephard & Moyes has worked with Butterfly Conservation on four project evaluations.  We work alongside the project delivery teams to create an evaluation framework and suite of tools that enables us to collect data from the range of different audiences involved in habitat management, community engagement and volunteering activities. We also attend a range of activities to carry out informal interviews and capture qualitative data on what people have learnt, and what actions they may want to take to protect nature or wildlife. We produce annual evaluation reports and facilitate Learning to Action workshops with Butterfly Conservation to help them reflect on the evaluation findings and consider what actions can be taken for the next phase of the project.

The difference we made

Our evaluation work is helping Butterfly Conservation develop a detailed understanding of what impact their projects are having; on habitats, species, people and communities.  The Learning to Action sessions help projects improve year on year, as well as support organisational learning and continuous improvement. 

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